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01 May 2021

As the country begins to return to normal after over a year of lockdowns, restrictions and horrifying daily statistics, I wonder how this collective trauma will be stored or remebered within our society.   Ever increasing referrals to mental health and counselling services seem to indicate a growing awareness of the importance of emotional health and wellbeing and perhaps the stigma of having therapy is slowly being eroded.    I see too many people sitting in my therapy space who say that they should get a grip, man up or just get on with things.  These self critical voices encourage trauma and distress to be ignored and compartmentalised, if we just pretend it doesn't exist it will just go away!   Sadly it doesn't work that way and the distress and trauma will leak out.  How do we begin to effect a change in how emotional health is seen and dealt with?   Perhaps firstly by stopping passing on those stock phrases to keep going, get on with things.  Let's stop telling our loved ones including children (especially boys) that they need to man up, be strong.   How about giving permission that it's ok to be scared, to feel sad and help them manage those feelings rather than hide them?  This then begins to dismantle the stigma of seeking professional help.  

It's ok to say you're not ok.  

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03 May 2021

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